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Fingenious® Serves Researchers in Three Steps


Browse biobank collections
By registering you can access the free electronic Fingenious® ICD-10 Catalogue to browse biobank sample and data collections at aggregate-level.


Sample and data availability

After registering fill in Fingenious® Feasibility request to obtain more detailed information about the sample and data availability at Finnish biobanks.


Access samples and data
Proceed to Fingenious® Access request:  one centralized service for an access to Finnish public biobanks requiring just one contract for the researcher.

Biobank Collections and Services

You can access the Finnish public biobanks through Fingenious®portal:


Access to >11 million samples consisting of blood, FFPE and DNA samples, fresh frozen tissue and liquid biopsies.

Phenotype Data

Phenotype data, such as clinical health record data, can be provided together with the samples.

Genome Data

The genetic data analyzed in biobank studies, such as FinnGen, is returned to and available at the biobanks.

Finding study participants

Possibility to recontact consented sample donors via biobanks for further biomedical studies.

Breakthroughs in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment

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Why Choose Finland for Your Biomedical Research?

Well-functioning healthcare system

The entire population is covered with longitudinal electronic health records and a personal identification code that enables linking of the biobank samples to deep phenotypic data.

World-class genomic data 

The FinnGen research project produces genotype data returning back to the biobanks where it can be combined with deep phenotypic data.

Up-to-date legislation

Research-advancing Biobank Act has been in force since 2013. Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data has been in force since May 2019 and a proposal for the Genome Act is in preparation.

A national commitment 

Finnish government drives innovation in personalized medicine, with a biobank ecosystem at its core.

Research-engaged people 

Finns trust researchers and are willing to participate in public screening programs and donate
their samples to biobanks.

Study participant finding

Sample donors with a prior consent can be contacted for further biomedical studies.