Event: Fingenious Ecosystem Offers More, Tuesday 14 June 2022

Mar 10, 2022

Fingenious Ecosystem is a network that aims to increase biomedical research by providing a window into the Finnish service and data offering. Read more about the ecosystem.

The Fingenious Ecosystem Offers More event was held 14 June 2022 and offered insights into how companies are using the unique Finnish data ecosystem to conduct decentralized clinical trials, improve patient finding and profiling, and generate high quality real world evidence that is accepted by regulators and payers.

Pictures and recordings of the program

* Welcome remarks (pre-recorded)
Aki Lindén, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

* Opening
Dr. Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Adviser
Permanent Secretary´s cabinet, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

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Event host Pekka Simula

Dr. Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki

* Fingenious® – Your Gateway to Finnish Biobanks and Biomedical Research
Marco Hautalahti, CEO, Finnish Biobanks – FINBB

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* How does Finland succeed in international competition?
Sanna Lauslahti, Managing Director, Pharma Industry Finland

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* Real life collaboration models in early discovery - case examples from biobank studies
Johanna Mäkelä, Director of Research and Services, Finnish Biobanks – FINBB

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* Utilizing Finnish nationwide RWD to create an external control arm to a clinical trial
Jussi Leinonen, Expert Clinical Data Scientist, Bayer Oy

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* Clinical vaccine research utilizing national real-time registers
Arto Palmu, Research Director, Finvac Oy
Commentary from Anu Soininen, Medical Affairs Lead, Vaccines, Sanofi

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* Why high-risk opioid users are not willing to seek opioid maintenance treatment?
– PROM survey results from Finland with Camurus
Tuire Prami, RWE Team Lead & Principal Pharmacoepidemiologist, Oriola

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* Burden of migraine and value of prophylaxis in patients in working life
Henri Autio, Medical Lead, Novartis Finland
Mariann Lassenius, RWE Lead, Senior Scientific Advisor, Medaffcon

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* Concluding words: Fingenious Ecosystem Offers More: Arto Vuori, Head of Unit, Data and Analytics, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

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Other pictures from the Fingenious Ecosystem Offers More event

* Get Together networking

Event was organised by:
Finnish Biobanks - FINBB and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

In partnership with:
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Business Finland, Findata and Pharma Industry Finland (PIF)