Find new possibilities for your research with Finnish biobank data

Find suitable samples, data, study participants, and biobank cohorts for your project needs to set a new course for your research.

Easy tools for browsing Finnish biobanks' sample and data collections

FINBB provides visibility to Finnish biobank data repositories' offerings and helps you to find samples, data, and patients for your research projects via Fingenious® Availability services.

The Catalogue application brings biobank sample and data collections available for researchers. Researchers can search sample and data availability based on ICD-10 diagnosis codes. The Catalogue application is an online find and search tool for researchers that allows fast and easy browsing of sample collections at an aggregated summary level. It provides a complete overview of what biobanks have to offer.

Researchers can search and find Finnish biobanks' research cohorts in the new visual Cohorts application. Fingenious® Cohorts represents wide-ranging sample collections and research cohorts that are available in Finnish public biobanks.

The cohorts are sets of samples or data which share a common characteristic. In addition to traditional research collections, cohorts can be built based on sample type, diagnosis, or they can even be a set of samples or data that are available through multiple biobanks for a specific research project.

Availability services:

  • Allow researchers easily search and find potential material for their research project before submitting official request for biobanks

  • Increase awareness of the variety of biobank samples and data richness

  • Raise possibilities for new types of research

  • Give ideas for new research

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