Fast-track access to biospecimen and biodata

We respond quickly to researchers’ feasibility study and access requests.

Faster access to biobank samples and data

Researchers can request feasibility studies and access to Finnish biobanks' samples, data, and patients via the Requests service. We will provide responses to researchers requests swiftly. 

The Requests service speeds up researchers’ access to biobank samples and data as well as enables faster patient finding and recruiting for clinical studies.

With streamlined feasibility studies and centralized handling of access requests, researchers can save time and costs. We provide a fast-track service, with an average time of 2–3 weeks for feasibility studies and 4–8 weeks for access request handling.

Feasibility request process and pricing categories, covering all Finnish public biobanks:

  • Simple request: Free of charge

  • Basic request: €1,400–6,300

  • Advanced request: €2,800–12,600

  • Tailored request: Project-specific pricing.

Requests will be categorized based on the estimated time, skills, and tools required to answer them. After receiving your feasibility request, we will contact you regarding the pricing options.

Feasibility requests are free of charge to academic researchers from biobank owner organizations, unless they require extensive searches and/or text mining, in which case we will provide a price quotation.

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